ScoreDoc is an online reputation scorecard platform that assesses the online reviews of healthcare providers such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, private practices, and hospitals. Ajay Prasad, a leading digital marketer and online reputation evangelist, created ScoreDoc so that patients can get complete and actual information about a doctor's number of reviews, online ratings, online reputation, and patients' sentiment in just a few clicks.

ScoreDoc’s review report collects online reviews on Google, WebMD, HealthGrades, RateMDs, Vitals, Yelp, and Facebook of doctors or healthcare practices to showcase the frequency, quantity, recency, and quality of their reviews and generate a comprehensive 'review scorecard' to help patients make an informed decision.

Online Reviews

Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Although 72% of patients use online reviews as part of their doctor selection process, doctor reviews tend to be scattered all over the internet. This can lead patients to checking only a few review sites, resulting in not getting the full picture of a healthcare provider’s online reputation and potentially not choosing the best healthcare provider for their needs.

We believe that everyone should have an accurate picture of a doctor’s or healthcare practice’s online reviews so that they select the best option for them. SocreDoc’s online review tool is a convenient information source that provides a consolidated review report to inform you about the quality of healthcare providers by analyzing online reviews on all major review platforms and employs artificial intelligence to provide in-depth analysis of sentiments expressed by patient reviews.

If you are researching a physician or healthcare practice, fill out the form to generate their consolidated review report. This report will score the prospective healthcare provider or practice with other providers in that specialty.

Reputation Scorecard On-the-Go

With an easy-to-use interface and functionality, you can get a doctor’s or practice’s online review scorecard straight from your mobile device. Download the ScoreDoc app now!

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Privacy Statement

Medical information is private, so ScoreDoc never saves your information. Instead, ScoreDoc keeps a tab on the number of times a specific doctor’s scorecard was checked. Feel free to save the review report link for future reference or come back and rerun the report.