ScoreDoc will gather reviews of all providers in your city or state and publish a report like This REPORT on the blog to help identify the best healthcare providers based on their online reviews on Google, HealthGrades, RateMD, WebMD, Vitals, Facebook, and Yelp.

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Online Reviews

How It Works

Once you submit a form, ScoreDoc will collect online reviews associated with your prospective doctor/practice in your city or state and publish a report like 5 Best Ophthalmologists in Port Charlotte, Florida on the blog within two weeks. Our ranking method uses:

  • Online reviews of doctors and clinics on Google, HealthGrades, WebMD, Vitals, Yelp, RateMD, and Facebook.
  • Number of reviews, review score, and review recency.
  • Sentiments expressed in review comments.

We give each doctor or clinic a score between 1 to 100. The score uses our proprietary formula based on research findings of how consumers use online reviews when selecting a healthcare provider. We will list the providers with the top scores in the article.

Our top-rated articles are designed to help consumers find the best doctors and clinics based on the patients' reviews and comments on their services. We use the publicly available review information to give readers the most objective ratings expressed by the provider's patients.

We only review and publish businesses located in the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer the most asked questions about ScoreDoc.

It all depends on your data needs, such as the number of sources, volume, and complexity. We are known for our speedy response, and we will publish the article as soon as possible.

We evaluate the specification and analyze your data extraction needs when you submit a request. We then configure, deploy, and maintain tasks on our cloud to retrieve high-quality data. The data is then sampled and analyzed before being published.

ScoreDoc works with seven of the most trusted online review sites for healthcare providers, including Google, HealthGrades, WebMD, RateMD, Facebook, Yelp, and Vitals.

ScoreDoc recognizes the importance of keeping medical information private, and thus it never saves any information about its user in a cookie. We only track how many times a doctor's scorecard was checked, not who checked it. You can save the reputation scorecard link for future use or can return and redo the scorecard.

At ScoreDoc, our objective is to save you time and resources while assisting you in finding the ideal medical institution for all of your requirements. Also, we recognize the importance of keeping medical information private, and hence we never save any information about you in a cookie. Learn more about our privacy policy here.