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Apr 13, 2022

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Health emergencies can emerge at any time, and today patients mostly rely on the Internet to gather valuable information on healthcare services. Following this, doctor review sites are the best place to assess healthcare providers, and we have listed some of the best such review sites here. So that you can know which healthcare provider is the best in your area and you don’t have to linger around at the last moment.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a vital platform where local businesses manage their web presence across Google Search and Maps. Through Google My Business, you can access all basic local details about a company and its services, such as an address, contact number, and online reviews. As per research, 92 percent of people prefer a company that appears on the first page of Google search results. So if you are in the remaining 8 percent, change your preferences.

2. HealthGrades

HealthGrades calculates the percentage of patients who suggest a health care provider. You can sort a list of professionals near you by the quality and patient reviews, type of insurance they accept, distance from you, and the doctor's gender. You may also check how long health professionals have been in practice, their education and training, licensure and certification, the number of office locations, hospital affiliations, and their languages.

3. Vitals

Vitals has 7.8 million evaluations and ratings for doctors, specialists, hospitals, treatment and recovery centers, urgent care facilities, and other medical professionals. It highlights doctors who receive high rankings consistently using a badging system, such as People's Choice and Top 10 doctors. You may learn about the doctor's credentials, specialty, locations, hospital connections, education, whether they accept new patients, and which insurance plans they accept.

4. RateMDs

RateMDs uses a 5-point scoring system. You can see when the doctor was last reviewed, the number of ratings, the average rating out of 5, the doctor's educational background, hospital connections, accepting new patients, and the languages spoken by the doctor on this site. You can also filter your search by location, gender, and specialization.

5. Facebook

Facebook is the most rapidly growing review platform. Many healthcare providers allow reviews on their Facebook page by installing the Facebook Reviews app to understand their patients’ satisfaction. The beauty of Facebook is that most of us already have accounts, so submitting a review is quick and easy. So you can easily search for your potential healthcare provider and go through the reviews on their Facebook page.

6. WebMD

In addition to factual information and public forums, WebMD features a physician directory and a hospital directory that allows you to identify local healthcare providers by using ratings and reviews.

7. ZocDoc

In ZocDoc, you can search for doctors by specialty, services, office locations, educational background, and more. ZocDoc premium members can also arrange appointments instantly. ZocDoc is in the top results for 120 million doctor searches each year, so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of reviews on this platform.

8. Yelp

The popular business review site now incorporates hospital, office, and doctor reviews. Yelp's recommendation program automatically evaluates each review based on Yelp's quality, reliability, and user activity. These helpful evaluations are frequently provided by active members of the Yelp community. You can search the name of your potential healthcare provider on the Yelp site or app and know its ratings.

9. ScoreDoc

ScoreDoc examines reviews on the seven most prominent online doctor review platforms: Google, HealthGrades, WebMD, RateMD, Facebook, Yelp, and Vitals. ScoreDoc considers the average review rating, the number of reviews, the recency of reviews on each platform, the sentiment analysis of the reviews and utilizes its unique formula to generate the overall score based on patient review behavior. You can ask for a detailed report card about any healthcare provider in your area on ScoreDoc.

10. RealSelf

RealSelf is a community platform where patients share their experiences, doctor reviews, and discuss different treatment procedures in detail. RealSelf verifies that reviewers are genuine patients allowing them to post anonymously under a pseudonym. RealSelf also has a doctor directory sorted by specialty, the treatment offered, and location. You can use the site to contact doctors and schedule direct appointments from the site itself.

11. RepuTally

RepuTally is an online reputation scorecard for medical practices. It combines online reviews from eight different sites and creates a comprehensive scorecard for every healthcare provider after rating evaluation and sentimental analysis. You can access a detailed rating for your potential healthcare provider based on various factors.

12. CareDash

CareDash promotes itself as the most transparent healthcare review website, providing patients with a safe area to post feedback and see what others have to say about various providers. You can check your potential doctor reviews and engage with them directly on the CareDash site or app.

ScoreDoc - Reputation scorecard for your healthcare provider selection | Product Hunt

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