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5 Top-Rated ABA Therapy Centers in Charlotte, North Carolina

(Based on reviews and ratings by patients)

5 Top-Rated ABA Therapy Centers in Charlotte, North Carolina


Last updated on Aug 09, 2022. To be updated in December 2022

With 1 in every 44 (2.3%) 8-year-old children diagnosed with ASD (Autism), it’s important to have the best ABA therapy centers in order to provide these children the best care and support they need. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best five such centers in North Carolina.

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Crossway Pediatric Therapy

9111 Monroe Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28270

Crossway Pediatric Therapy is a medical center offering in-home, community, and clinical services to the children of Charlotte and nearby areas. They provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, eating treatment, CI therapy, and telemedicine services to help children reach developmental milestones. Crossway Pediatric Therapy takes care of the complete lifespan of autistic children offering personalized attention and customized treatment to them.

Integration Station Pediatric Therapy Services

2110 Ben Craig Dr STE 300, Charlotte, NC 28262

Founded in 2010 by occupational therapist Nicole Cyphert, Integration Station Pediatric Therapy Services provides occupational therapy services and advanced interventions to children and families of Charlotte and surrounding areas. The practice combines ongoing staff education and research-based methodologies to provide assistance that is tailored to the specific requirements of every child and their family. In-home care, parental training, and early intervention are some of the specialized services they provide.

Centers of Psychiatric Excellence - Charlotte

3101 Latrobe Dr Charlotte, NC 28211

COPE (Centers of Psychiatric Excellence) is a management services company that offers ketamine infusion therapy and intranasal esketamine (Spravato) to patients with treatment-resistant mental diseases. Founded by Dr. Prakash Masand, Dr. Ashwin Patkar, and Dr. Steven Szabo, COPE has been providing evidence-based psychiatric treatment and support to cure mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism, and opioid dependency. 

Compleat KiDZ

8440 Pit Stop Ct NW, Concord, NC 28027

Compleat KiDZ is a healthcare practice that focuses on providing clinic-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with Autistic Disorder aged 3 to 10 years. The center uses proven ways to teach skills such as speech and communication, concentration and attention, social skills, and self-help to autistic children. Compleat KiDZ also offers COVID-19 updates, feeding and swallowing therapy, and in-house psychological testing.

LifeStance Health

10430 Harris Oaks Boulevard, Suite L Charlotte, NC 28269

Established in 2013, LifeStance Health provides comprehensive mental healthcare to Charlotte and surrounding areas in North Carolina, serving 12 local schools. LifeStance Health also connects over 3,000 mental health experts with millions of patients across 26 states. Services provided by the practice include individual therapy, couple therapy, cognitive therapy, medication management, dialectic therapy, and ABA therapy to treat various conditions such as panic attacks, depression, ADD-ADHD, and other mental conditions. 

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