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Gwinnett Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

3790 Pleasant Hill Rd Ste 230, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

Gwinnett Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, the oldest established pediatric practice in Duluth, GA, has maintained its high standards of service to date as can be seen from the 4.8-star rating and 96.5% in positive sentiments it has received from 1029 patient reviews. Their mission statement, as per their official website, is to provide the best pediatric care with a focus on the patient experience.

Their services include nutritional consultation, same-day sick visits, well-child checkups, sports physicals, immunizations, and advice nurse line.

Cooper Pediatrics

3645 Howell Ferry Rd NW, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

Cooper Pediatrics is a leading pediatric clinic located in Duluth, GA, that specializes in pediatrics, pediatric nursing, and adolescent medicine. Their official website describes Dr. Jeffrey Cooper as an immensely experienced physician with a career spanning over three decades.

With an average rating of 4.4 stars and 81.41% in positive sentiments garnered from 333 patient reviews, this highly-rated pediatric practice offers an extensive range of services such as well-child care, immunizations, hearing and vision screenings, ADHD/ADD evaluations, and asthma care.

GC Duluth Pediatrics Inc

3435 Duluth Park Ln NW A, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

GC Duluth Pediatrics Inc. is a top-rated Duluth, GA-based pediatric clinic. According to their official website, the owner of the practice, Dr. Samuel Song’s career spanning over two decades has been dedicated to rising above the world’s standard of medical care to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children.

Based on 125 patient reviews, their high-quality pediatric services including telephone consults for emergencies have earned the practice an impressive 84.75% in positive sentiments with a 4.5-star rating.

Meadow Pediatrics

10710 Medlock Bridge Rd STE 250, John’s Creek, GA 30097, United States

Meadow Pediatrics, established in John’s Creek, GA, has been serving Duluth, Cumming, Suwanee, Norcross, and Ocee/Alpharetta since 2012. According to their official website, Dr. Sridevi Muthukumar, a board-certified pediatrician, founded the practice to provide comprehensive evidence-based medical care with the highest quality and attention.

A highly rated clinic with a 4.5-star rating and 85.23% in positive sentiments from 88 patient reviews, it offers an extensive range of specialized services including asthma care, ADD/ADHD counseling, nutrition counseling, and preventive health maintenance.

Family Wellness MD

3625 Savannah Pl Dr. Suite 101A-B, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

Family Wellness MD is a small family-friendly clinic that offers customized pediatric care in Duluth, GA. Their official website highlights the four pillars of health around which they center their care, wellness/nutrition, activity, sleep, and development. 

Dr. Kimberly Hodge-Spears and her team's commitment to providing excellent medical care including newborn care, well-child exams, adolescent care, sports physicals, and sick visits is reciprocated by the parents who in 77 reviews have given them a 4.4-star rating with 87.2% in positive sentiments.

Twinkle Pediatrics

1815 Satellite Blvd # 501, Duluth, GA 30097, United States

Twinkle Pediatrics is a top-rated pediatric clinic in Duluth, GA, that believes in the motto, Healthy children build happy communities. On their official website, they emphasize the importance of preventive care as the best means to ensure the health of children. 

From 72 patient reviews, the practice owned by Dr. Aparna Peethambaram has scored an excellent star rating of 4.8 as well as an impressive 97.73% in positive sentiments. Dr.Peethambaran is a board-certified pediatrician with over 15 years of experience.

Sweetwater Pediatrics LLC

2518 Duluth Hwy 120 # 102, Duluth, GA 30097, United States

Sweetwater Pediatrics LLC is a leading pediatric clinic in Duluth, GA. According to their official website, they offer comprehensive up-to-date pediatric healthcare from birth to age 21 for an array of services including well-child checkups, immunizations, sports physicals, common illness care, minor wound care, ADHD evaluations, asthma care, nutritional counseling and other general pediatric healthcare needs including in-house full laboratory service.

With a 4.2-star rating and 80% in positive sentiments, Dr. Janet Jung’s practice features among the top-rated pediatric practices.

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