How to Choose a Pediatrician: A Comprehensive Guide for the Parents


May 31, 2023


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Pediatric care means keeping your child physically well and having proper guidance for their holistic development. A regular visit to your pediatrician allows you, as a parent, to regularly monitor your child's growth and eliminate complications, if any, at a very early age. 

But the question is- How to find a good pediatrician? Finding the right pediatrician for your child can be difficult. Numerous information online or from a referral can add to the strain. So here are some tips for you to be able to make the right choice: 

6 Qualities to Look for While Choosing a Pediatrician

There are plenty of pediatricians, but what must be clarified is the steps to finding the best one. Specific qualities that you should look for while choosing a pediatrician for your child are: 

Experience and Specialization

It is essential to check on the experience while choosing a pediatrician. The doctor should have a strong understanding of a child's needs and be well-versed with the latest pediatric development & treatments. 

Also, try to look for a board-certified pediatrician as they are more skilled and compassionate than regular child specialists. A board-certified pediatrician holds a commitment to continually improve their skills and practice to provide the best care to your child. 

Good Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal communication skills hold a higher impact on doctor-child relationships. Your doctor should be able to understand the child’s needs, make them comfortable, feel heard and trusted. Your doctors' ability to channel open communication will allow your kids to share their problems effortlessly and imply suggested resolutions in their life. 

Compassion and Patience

Compassionate care fosters a positive relationship between the child/ parent and the doctor. You should check if your doctor is able to understand your or your child's needs or not while being empathetic and patient throughout. 

Availability and Accessibility

Availability and accessibility is a key component while looking for a pediatrician when pregnant. Before, finalizing any check on these essential variables like 

  • How far is the doctor's clinic from your house.?
  • What are the available options for commuting? 
  • How long is the waiting period for an appointment? 
  • If the doctor provides on-call support during emergencies or not? 
  • How much time does the doctor provide for one consultation?

You will also need your pediatrician’s guidance till the time your child turns 18; so staying in close contact with them will really be helpful. 

Personal Compatibility

Doctors' compatibility holds great importance in doctor-parent relationships.  It would be best for you to opt for the one who patiently listens and answers all your/ child's questions and provides solutions emphatically. 

How to Find A Good Pediatrician?  

Above we discussed the qualities to look for in a Pediatrician. Now the question is- how to find a good pediatrician. Some practical ways to find good pediatric support are: 

Recommendations From Family and Friends

According to a study, 93% of people rely on recommendations from close ones for choosing any healthcare service. Seeking recommendations from family and friends will save you a lot of hassle. You can list out the good ones based on the experiences your family has had. You can also get the benefit of sharing a good relationship with the doctor on personal grounds. 

Online Research

One of the best ways to look out for options is to go for online research. A study suggests that around 66% of people rely on online reviews while looking for services online. The best way to find the best pediatrician online is to check the list of available pediatricians and compare the cost and ratings of their services on various doctors reviewing websites. And, choose the one who fulfills all your checklists. 

Referrals from Healthcare Professionals

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, around 52% of people rely on referrals from family doctors or general practitioners while choosing a pediatrician for their child. Seeking advice or referrals from your family doctors is believed to be a good approach for finding a pediatrician best suited for you. They know what kind of medical support would benefit you/ your child hence the recommendation from their end would be inclusive of all your healthcare needs. 

ScoreDoc to Help You Get the Best Pediatrician for Your Child! 

To find a good pediatrician, online research can be a daunting task. You evaluate the reviews and ratings from real-time customers of the selected doctors on all the top platforms. However, looking for details on different sites or media can take time and effort. 

This is where ScoreDoc can help! It creates a scorecard of healthcare practices and professionals based on reviews of real-time customers from top sites such as Google, Yelp, WebMD, HealthGrades, RateMDs, Vitals, and Facebook to help you make an informed decision. 

Contact the team today if you or your loved one is looking for such a service. 


Good pediatric support is vital for a child’s holistic development. Finding a good pediatrician can be challenging but taking certain qualities such as experience, specialization, compassion, and interpersonal skills into consideration during your research can ease the process. 

Additionally, you can avail of the services of ScoreDoc to get comprehensive information on healthcare practices and professionals. The information provided by ScoreDoc is based on real-time reviews of patients from top platforms. All this can help you make an informed decision when choosing a pediatrician for your child. 

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