3 Top-Rated Urgent Care Centers in Bakersfield, CA

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3 Top-Rated Urgent Care Centers in Bakersfield, CA


Last updated on Dec 23, 2022. To be updated in March 2023

The potato fields and oilfields of Bakersfield are alive with Buck Owen’s country music. While country music connoisseurs argue about the Nashville vs Bakersfield country music genre we are going to stick to being useful and will cover the 3 top rated urgent care centers (based on reviews and ratings) in Bakersfield.

3 Top-Rated Urgent Care Centers in Bakersfield, California

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StatMD Urgent Care

5701 Young St c201, Bakersfield, CA 93313, United States

StatMD Urgent Care is among the top urgent care centers in Bakersfield, CA, and is highly popular among its patients for its commitment to providing prompt and superior-quality medical care with dedication and compassion. The certified and experienced doctors here offer services as diverse as injury care and pediatric care to travel medicine and sports physicals.

According to WebMD, the center covers five specialty areas of medicine, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Preventive Medicine. You can also visit the center for COVID and STD testing. 

Priority Urgent Care

4821 Panama Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93313, United States

Priority Urgent Care is one of the preferred choices for Bakersfield, CA, residents who need immediate medical care for acute non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Patients are assured of a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment of their ailment by their team of experienced and certified doctors.

The Healthgrades website describes it as a medical group practice that specializes in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. Its emergency services include treatments for lacerations, fractures, dehydration, hypertension, migraines, skin infections, and asthma, among others.

Accelerated Urgent Care

9917 Olive Drive Bakersfield, CA 93312, United States

A trusted urgent care center for the community in Bakersfield, CA, Accelerated Urgent Care offers high-quality patient care provided by emergency-trained certified doctors. According to ZoomInfo, AUC offers each patient concierge-level service by providing prompt and effective service, which includes diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

Their urgent care includes treatments for both children and adults. The highest standards of services available here are for sprains and strains, foreign body removal, nose bleeds, back pain, vomiting, bronchitis, and pneumonia. 

The urgent care centers mentioned in our list have been selected by the residents in and around Bakersfield, CA, as the best service providers in their field. However, if you want an assessment of another center in the area, then fill up this form. We will send you a consolidated review scorecard of the urgent center of your choice and help you make an informed choice.

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