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Jul 27, 2023


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Last updated on July 27, 2023. To be updated in October 2023

Washington, DC, the heart of the United States, offers more than just political prominence. The city takes pride in its exceptional healthcare services, especially in the field of ophthalmology. Amidst its iconic monuments and historic sites, locals and tourists can access top-tier eye care services.

With a reputation for excellence, these eye care centers stand at the forefront of innovation, employing cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal vision care. The team of expert ophthalmologists at these centers is driven by a shared commitment to providing you with the best possible eye care experience.

If you’re a resident or a visitor looking for eye care services, here's a list of seven top-rated ophthalmology practices in the city near you.

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Eye Doctors of Washington


1016 16th Street N.W., Lower Level 100, Washington DC 20036

Eye Doctors of Washington, founded by a distinguished group of professors from Georgetown University, has been proudly serving the community for over five decades. According to its official website, the center is renowned for its expertise in various specialized services, including cataract treatment, diabetes retinopathy care, and advanced procedures like minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. Leading their exceptional team are immensely experienced surgeons who have conducted more than 50,000 Lasik vision correction procedures.

The center's commitment to excellence is well-recognized, with Washington Magazine acknowledging their ophthalmologists as "Top Docs." 

Washington Eye Specialist


1160 Varnum Street, N.E., Suite 011, Washington, DC 20017

For over two decades, Washington Eye Specialist has been serving the community. Led by Dr. Theodore Gencayco, the team is at the forefront of eye health. The center provides medical assistance for cataract surgery, self-tests, and Glaucoma treatment.

In addition to their expertise in cataract and Glaucoma care, Washington Eye Specialists also excel in treating severe retinal and cornea conditions. Their physicians go beyond treatment, emphasizing patient education on severe eye-related issues such as diabetic retinopathy, eye allergies, astigmatism, and more. They promote preventive measures for maintaining optimal eye health by empowering patients with knowledge.

Doctors of Optometry- Macy’s Metro Center


1201 G. Street, Washington DC, 20005

Doctors of Optometry - Macy's Metro Center in Washington has been delivering exceptional eye care services to the community. According to their official website, the center offers comprehensive services, including expert assistance for contact lens examinations and fittings. Their digital retinal imaging technology also enables precise and early detection of potential eye conditions, enhancing the quality of care provided. 

As part of their dedication to holistic eye care, the center offers complete vision care services specially tailored for children, ensuring their visual development is nurtured and supported.

Making an appointment is convenient and flexible through physical visits or an easy-to-use online system. Their same-day eye examinations for urgent eye-related issues allow timely and efficient treatment.

Visionary Eye Doctors


4301 Connecticut Ave, Washington DC, 20008

Visionary Eye Doctors in Washington is a premier eye care center renowned for its comprehensive and specialized services. Their services cover a broad spectrum of ocular health, from routine general eye exams to advanced cataract treatments and retinal care. The center excels in vision correction procedures like LASIK and PRK, dry eye treatment, and corneal care. 

The compassionate professionals at Visionary Eye Doctors prioritize patient well-being, ensuring a patient-centric experience from start to finish. Whether you require routine vision maintenance or seek advanced eye care solutions, they stand ready to enhance your vision and improve your quality of life. 

Ovation Eye Institute


810 Potomac Ave SE, Washington DC, 20003

Ovation Eye Institute in Washington has been a reputable healthcare provider serving the residents of Washington with exceptional eye care services since 2019. The institute prides itself on its dedicated team, led by the experienced Dr. Chris Burris, who is renowned in the field of ophthalmology.

From routine eye examinations to advanced ophthalmology tests, the center is equipped to address a wide spectrum of eye-related concerns. One of the specialized services provided by the institute is upper blepharoplasty and oculoplastic procedures. These services focus on enhancing the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the eyelids, catering to individuals seeking cosmetic improvements or those requiring corrective procedures.

To ensure that eye care services are accessible to all, Ovation Eye Institute is committed to providing insurance coverage. This initiative aims to remove financial barriers and make quality eye care within reach for patients from various walks of life.

Washington Eye Associates


1602 L St NW #400, Washington DC, 20036

Washington Eye Associates is an eye care center led by Dr Lamothe. The services provided at the center include contact lens exams, eye vision exams, co-management of LASIK eye surgery, LipiFlow surgeries, and scleral lenses.

Their patient-centric approach is evident through their new patient center, where you can conveniently consult with your doctor. This streamlined process ensures you receive personalized attention and expert care tailored to your needs.

At Washington Eye Associates, your vision and eye health are in the hands of highly experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and patient satisfaction. 

Washington Eye Doctors


900 17th St NW #400, Washington DC 20006

For the past 75 years, Washington Eye Doctors in Washington DC has been serving the community with unwavering commitment. Renowned for their excellence in eye care, the center provides an extensive array of specialized services for ocular disease. Beginning with comprehensive eye exams, dry eye management, lipiflow treatment and myopia management for improved eye health.

Furthermore, Washington Eye Doctors is one of the centers in the region to offer neurolens assessments and scleral contact lens fitting. The center goes the extra mile by offering insurance services to make the process convenient and hassle-free for their valued patients.

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